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Rotate Image

Watch the video tutorial below to Rotate image

Step by step tutorial

In the parameter box increase the value of rotate image

rotate image

from the parameter box select graphics option first. Then in the rotation box you can increase the vale up to 360 degree and decrees the value up to -360 degree, this way you can rotate the image of your label.

Flip image

flip image

Now to flip image, click the drop down box, and select the alignment vertical or horizontal of your image.

Note :

The label helper is not intended to be used as Graphic Manipulation Software. You must design you label in such a way that you insert one (1) image per label space and the finish you creation with text and barcode and such. If you creation requires more than one graphic the a software such as Photoshop, or Corel will be an ideal software to accomplish such work before using the Papilio Label Helper for label spacing and label printing. You must therefore use such software to create you logos combine two or more graphics into one and finis all graphic works before using the Papilio Label Manager. The the Papilio Label manager is a great Label Utility to add text to the logo and product description and barcode. You use your logo and then create the different barcodes product item numbers and prices and so on. The minor graphic manipulations ate intended to make you graphic or logo "fit" or work with the color and for of your text and background color of the labels of decals. For wide selection of decal paper and label for the label software please go to our e-commerce website. If you need special label template please e-mail

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