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Print Outline

Watch the video tutorial below to print out line

Step by step tutorial

Step 1

select out line

First select the label. Then click outline button from the menu. A new parameter box will come with different options for outline.

Step 2

turn on print out line

Now turn on the print out line button. a black outline will be shown in the screen.

Step 3

select print out line color

Now if you want change your outline color, just click the above button, a new color picker window will com. From there select your preferable color then press ok, will be able to see the new color in the outline.

Step 4

turn on shadow

Now, if you want to put shadow in your label turn on the shadow button (see the above image).

Step 5

select shadow color

Now if you want to change the shadow color, click the above button(see image). then select your preferable color, then click ok.


example prinoutline

After you finish you will see the out line like above in your label

Note :

The outline print function is used when printing onto label media that is NOT die cut such as the Papilio laser printable polyester. The out-lines will help make the printed labels look more professional after you cut them out and it also make the label cutting process easier. This functionality is based on the fact that a lot of production labeling is done on uncut sheets of label stock.

In other words the user may select a template that fits his product or creation. Lets say a label on gourmet food jar such as Barbeque sauce. The user orders our HPGW white glossy laser printable polyester film This sheet is not die cut. After printing out the design the user cuts the whole sheet into individual labels using a desk-top paper cutter. Labels done by hand this way never really look professional sot to "fool" the eye the printed outline (possible with shadow) will make the label look much better or "complete"

To further take advantage of this ability we have generated several templates with "spacing" in-between labels to allow for the cutting as describe here above. The label software has built in out-line printing that will enable use of non die-cult labels. Use this the label software to help you print you creations and label designs on self adhesive label stock, paper or our glossy polyester on any other stock. For wide selection of label stock and self adhesive decal paper and adhesive labels goo to the e-commerce website offers the largest selection in the USA of desktop digital media specially geared towards the small manufacturer and craft manufacturers. Our customers include anything from home based business to the bottling companies working or some of the nations larges companies. If you require large volume of label stock please contact out sales department.

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