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Changing Label Color

change label color

Changing the background colors of the label-space You may leave the "background color the default parchment color of the work-space the the background color is set to none. If it is easier for you to work with you label creation on a white background the you can change the label space to white, in either case no background color will be printed. To change the background color of the label space use the Label Color button in the Main GUI or right click on the label space you are working with and select label parameters. See screen shot below. You can also set the background color to match a color in an image or logo using the built in "Color Picker" and this color will print out behind you image and text. This feature works best if you are using images with Transparency such as *.tiff or *.png (Alpha channel)

Note :

Remember if you're using an image that has no transparency please keep in mined the image will always be a square or rectangular block. In other words the background will not show through if you image has no transparency. If you created a graphic and/or logo to use in you label creation you may consider saving the image in *.tif or *.png format with transparency.

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