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Box Template

1) Select a new Project
2) From the template list select the Box Tab
3) Select the BOX template that you want to use

You will work with the box template as you would work with six (6) individual labels. And each label represent a side of the bos. Note: Later you can generate PDF document and will print out the flexible box. So at this point don worriy about how this will later transform into a useble box. Ok Here we are working with Box template # 16 This box will work well for 2 fl ox cosmetic jar or similar product.

Lets start populating the "label" spaces (The sides of the box)
We start by Right Clicking on one of the label space (box side) the one with the blur doted outline
When you right click you will see the option Zoom In (You can also select this function from the left hand main GUI bar)
When you zoom in it is easier to add images and text. Working on this page