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Papilio Box Making & Label Printing
version 5.0

The best FREE label printing software.
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Add Text

Watch the video tutorial below to add text in your label

Step by step tutorial

First Click on the Add/Edit text button

click add text button

Click the above button to add text to your label. Then a new text will come where you can write your text.

Write your label text

add text

Write your text here in the box then click ok.

Define the position

template select

now put the X and Y value to perfectly positioning your text on the label. You can use the increase/decrease button to change the value.

Changing font, font size & font color

font decoration

now click the above button to change the font, font color and size according to your desirable design.

Picking Color

picking color

now click the color, a new color eyedropper tool will come in anew window. From there you can choose the font color. After finish click ok to exit.

Adding more text

add more text

Now, to add more text to your label click the above button. then follow the above instruction to change the font, color position.

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